Results-Oriented Business Litigation

Business issues often have high stakes for owners, employees or shareholders. You may already be aware that a seemingly minor disagreement can quickly turn into a significant liability.

As your attorney, my duty is not only to find a peaceful resolution when possible, but to also fight for you in court when necessary. I offer strategic advice based on analysis of your reputation, finances, privacy, rights and unique business factors. My goal is to help you obtain the most practical and constructive outcome for your case.

Strong Representation For A Variety Of Circumstances

I eagerly advocate for business clients who face difficult cases such as:

  • Conflicts between shareholders or partners
  • Breach of contract
  • Employment issues, including wage and hour disagreements and wrongful termination claims
  • Lease and commercial real estate disputes
  • Disputes with competitors, vendors, manufacturers, creditors or other parties

My knowledge of business law and passion for complex litigation draws me to challenging cases. Allow me to represent you, and I will relentlessly pursue your business objectives. Pence Law Firm, P.C., also helps with drafting contracts and other general business services in Oklahoma.

Forming A Sensible Strategy

Successful business litigation requires a clear strategy and thorough attention from your lawyer. This strategy begins with extensive research. I can help you collect documents and other data in support of your position. Through careful analysis of your experience and the evidence, I may uncover the strongest advantages for your case.

In the courtroom, I am assertive and methodical. When I represent my clients, I argue with unwavering conviction. I am ready to fight confidently on behalf of your rights and interests.

The other party may offer a quick settlement on their own terms, but I can advise you on whether accepting the offer, negotiating or proceeding with litigation is most likely to serve your interests. In some cases, keeping a dispute out of court – and away from the public eye – can make more sense for you and your business.

Consult My Firm Promptly

If you or your company faces a contract dispute or active lawsuit, retain a steadfast lawyer immediately. Hesitating to secure legal representation could hurt your chances of reaching a favorable solution. To schedule a consultation with Pence Law Firm, P.C., call my Tulsa office at 918-367-8505 or email me through this website with your inquiry.