Investigation And Firm Counsel In Property Disputes

If you are facing a real estate issue, your property rights and financial investment could be at risk. For example, someone else may be attempting to claim a portion or the entirety of your property. You may be a developer dealing with conflicts or a local company encountering resistance to expansion goals. Whatever your case entails, you may need to contact a lawyer with experience in real estate disputes.

Pence Law Firm, P.C., skillfully advises clients who need legal help for their commercial or residential property in Oklahoma. Because this asset is typically one of the most significant investments a person or company may make in a lifetime, I recognize the importance of fighting for your interests.

I provide tough representation for residential and commercial property owners who face disputes as plaintiffs or defendants regarding:

  • Title conflicts
  • Release of mechanic's liens
  • Eminent domain law and easements
  • Adverse possession
  • Encroachment, often through fencing, sheds or commercial activity
  • Zoning
  • Challenges to development or expansion plans
  • Partitioning of shared property
  • Landlord-tenant disagreements, including evictions
  • Fraudulent claims to your property
  • Building defects or construction litigation

Protecting Your Property Ownership

Many real property disputes tend to center around the true ownership of the building or land. A variety of circumstances can lead to uncertainty and conflict, but my Tulsa law firm is ready to assert your property rights as an individual, property owner or developer.

Taking the issue to civil court may be the only way to reach a fair outcome. As your attorney, I will take a firm stance against violation of your property rights. I thoroughly investigate titles and other documents to find pivotal proof for my clients.

If you have experienced a real property dispute in the past or are currently facing one, similar issues could be more likely to arise in the future. To counter potential problems, I may recommend seeking a quiet title. A quiet title is essentially a final judgment on the ownership of a property. With this simple process, you may avoid the hassle of defending your land from acrimonious claims in the future.

Discuss Your Real Estate Case Today

Do not jeopardize your property or your company's development plans by waiting to get legal help. Consult with an attorney as soon as you realize that you may be facing a dispute. Call 918-367-8505 or complete my online intake form to schedule a consultation. I can take quick action on your behalf to communicate with real estate agents, neighbors, government organizations or other parties who show concern or interest in your property. Along with fierce representation in disputes, I offer transactional real estate services.